Friday, July 24, 2015

Easy Jewelry Care Guide

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We at Preciosa Jewelry believe jewelry is to be enjoyed, admired and worn regularly-- but also be well cared for to last a lifetime and more. We can connect emotions, memories, and special people in life to a precious jewelry piece. That is why we nourish that connection and work to preserve jewelry  for generations to come. 

Our lifetime maintenance covers almost any jewelry mend that will ever need to be done due to daily wear and tear. We will perform a complimentary cleaning and inspection of your jewelry as often as you would like. We recommend one inspection every six months to make sure your jewelry remains in good condition.  When necessary, our jewelers may perform complimentary maintenance tasks related to normal wear such as cleaning, tighten stones, adjusting clasps and the annual polish. If repairs outside of normal maintenance are necessary we will review the items with you and provide a repair estimate.

Easy Jewelry Care Guide: Take Care of Your Jewelry at Home 

On a regular basis between professional cleanings and inspections, you can perform basic maintenance on your jewelry at home to keep it in great condition. 

Avoid harsh conditions. Everyday chemicals and extreme temperatures take their toll on jewelry. We recommend removing fine jewelry before using harsh household cleaners or performing hard work with your hands. Designate a safe spot or space in your jewelry box to keep your jewelry safe while you work.

Clean it up. Clean your jewelry often with warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush. Pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.  

Store with care. When storing your jewelry, look for a lined jewelry box or individual bags to avoid scratches or tangling.  

Prioritize professional visits. Visit us annually to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked for any broken or loose parts in need of repair- before it's too late. Set that calendar notification now so you don't forget or make it part of your spring cleaning routine.

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